Sterile Rooms 


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Information is a valuable asset and needs to be treated as such. You or your company stand to lose substantially when unauthorised access to your communications is possible. Let us protect your valuable information and prevent it from becoming a commodity that can be acquired by your competitors.
The modular faraday cage is designed to meet or exceed a vast majority of shielding requirements. The system is constructed of shielded modular panels to meet the specifications in government, industry, research and development. The system is completely self-standing, independent from the host building. The modular panels can be shipped and assembled under supervision of our engineers anywhere in the world.
This solution is designed for VIP rooms in embassies, military bases, and governmental buildings

o Wireless transmission (RF-bugs, GSM/UMTS etc.)  
o Wired transmission  
o Mains transmitters  
o Telephone transmitters  
o Twin wire transmitters  
o Classical Laser-microphones  
o Cellular telephones

The EMC-Protection-System is reducing the distance of RF-transmitters and offers to the user a customized level of protection.
The EMC-system provides an effective protection against any kind of RF-radiation and bugging threat as:
Modular faraday cage with acoustic surrounding

· High shielding performance without deterioration
· Smooth exterior, functional interior
· Easy modification
· Shielded Door
0207 781 9247