Vehicle Sweeps


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Technical Protection can conduct a professional TSCM inspection of executive vehicles on demand prior to - or during - times of important, time-sensitive or confidential business activity.
Our team and equipment are fully insured and meet all international obligations and legal requirements, enabling us to meet and search your yacht, executive jet, or road going vehicle across the globe.
The types of technology, methods of deployment and restrictions of surveillance equipment vary greatly between different types of vehicle and location. Technical Protection fully understands the variety of conditions, vehicles and environments in which their clients may operate and can draw on their wide experience to deliver a proportional and professional vehicle search service. Our aim is to protect your communications from compromise, ensuring secure executive transport to conduct confidential business.
Our team are specialists in the area of vehicle search, drawing from previous experience in automotive engineering, electrical engineering, and radio engineers. Our principals have previously spent many years in the fields of covert surveillance and tracking of all types of vehicle.
Substantial corporate transactions, expansion plans, sensitive appointments and legal mediation regularly take place in hotels, meeting facilities, boardrooms, private homes, vehicles, even yachts and planes.
Technical Protection also report on and review the physical and operating security arrangements in use around these corporate vehicles.
We offer an extended security inspection service for executive vehicles. This includes all types of yachts, executive cars, limousines and private executive jets.
Our service meets the rising demand for counter surveillance inspections and physical security reviews globally, including marine vessels, executive jets and company vehicles.
0207 781 9247