Complimenting Security


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Why is Real-Time monitoring Important?
Often clients opt for our Real-time Radio Frequency & Digital Matrix Security Monitoring: This service supplies a specialist TSCM operative equipped for the challenge of monitoring target areas for the duration of a sensitive meeting. This constant vigil allows our operative to instantly flag up any unauthorized communications should they occur.
Additional Measures: Live On-Site Monitoring
OPTION ONE: PRE-MEETING TSCM ‘SWEEP’ AND SECURITY ASSESSMENT: Working with your existing security management officer prior to any ‘elevated risk’ event, Technical Protection deploy a full array of countermeasures equipment insuring that the target area is free from covert listening or recording devices. On completion of the sweep our teams deliver a security assessment of existing measures suggesting ways that security might be tightened.
Assuring Confidentiality in the Boardroom or AGM
Mitigating the risk of information leek in these circumstances often requires the support of enhanced technical countermeasure outside the scope of resident security teams.
At Technical Protection we understand the role of in-house security teams. Protecting your company’s critical information is a challenge of the utmost importance, specifically when critical strategic meetings like AGM‘s, are scheduled.
Complimenting Your Existing Security Measures:
Scenario: imagine an attendee has an undeclared mobile device on silent answer, simply dialling into his phone from anywhere in the world, a third party receives a broadcast of the meetings details.
If you are concerned that your private or business dealings may have been compromised by the placement of spy bug or listening device or would like to discuss any of your security concerns then we can help. Our dedicated team offer a range of tailored services and are on hand now to respond to any request. To speak with a Senior Advisor
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