Lornet 036 Non-LinearJunction Detector 

The Lornet 036
The non-linear junction detector LORNET-36 is the irreplaceable device at carrying out of operational and search activities in premises with high density of subjects containing electronic devices and also by search of small-sized electronic devices (1х 2cm). The device is also effective at long distance from the objects that is very good at analysis of suspicious objects at a safe distance.
New frequency non overlaping with cellular phones: 3580-3620 MHz
Main competitive advantages:
Thanks to high frequency of probing signal and effectively implemented  
narrow diagram of antenna directivity “LORNET-36” is considerably better  
than all domestic and foreign non-linear detectors in range of detection,  
selection and accuracy of spatial localization of semi-conductor elements.
Usage of SHF range allows detection of semi-conductor elements hidden
by various materials (p-n junctions can be detected through the cracks,
unearthed shields, through reflection from smooth surfaces; for example,
SIM-card is detected at 1 meter distance etc.).
Narrow beam of directivity diagram and laser pointer allow carrying out
spatial discrimination of various semi-conductor elements with split-hair
accuracy that is extremely important characteristic at the analysis of
suspicious objects at a safe distance.
Automatic and manual changes of capacity of probing signal in pulse
Usage of the newest technologies and materials, ergonomics.
Convenient indication display and operation control, easy to use,
Electromagnetic impact on the operator is significantly reduced due to a
high probing pulse duty cycle and a significant reduction of spurious
radiation towards operator.
Supports wireless headset.
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